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Leora founded Best Bride in 2012, leaving hundreds of brides and grooms ecstatic after seeing their dream weddings come to life. Her creative nature coupled with her positive mindset are the perfect combination for a leader in the event industry. Her bubbly personality and professionalism are what leave the couples overwhelmed with love as she surpasses all expectation.

After year's of success in the event planning industry with Best Bride, Leora has expanded her talents to Academy for Events, an extension of Best Bride that will be launching soon. Get ready for fun and educational workshops covering all aspects of event planning from balloon making and calligraphy to makeup.

As a successful businesswoman, she is now ready to offer her business expertise with the world with both guest speaking and one on one consulting for clients. Learn all her tips and tricks and find out how she achieved success so early on in her career!

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Business Consulting

After years of success with her own businesses, Leora is now ready to share her business expertise with YOU! Are you looking for one on one coaching? Someone to come speak about business? Or even quick business tips? Leora does is at! It's time to invest in YOURSELF!  Learn how to start and LEAD a successful business now. With Leora's vast knowledge and proven track record, you're a click away from instant improvement and happiness!

One on One
With Leora

Business expertise

Do you need an expert speaker for an upcoming event? Leora is available to offer her business expertise at events! From business tips to more specific wedding and event industry related topics, Leora is eager to EDUCATE and INSPIRE! 

Guest Speaking

- Tannaz & Shayan

"Leora was an  absolute DREAM to work with. I highly recommend Leora because she is so incredibly professional and I guarantee you won't be disappointed with her level of experience and work."

Best Bride

Leora founded Best Bride in 2011 and works day in and day out to celebrate every couple and bring them their dream wedding. She stands by their core values of care, daily improvement and honesty ensuring a personable and all around meaningful experience for every bride and groom that she works with. Best Bride also extends to other events such as Mitzvahs and guarantees the perfect day no matter the event!


Academy for Events

That's right! Are you in the event industry or simply a creative looking to level up your business? Look no further. Academy for Events is an extension of Best Bride. After Leora's amazing success and acquisition of knowledge through Best Bride and event planning, she decided to found The Academy, a series of workshops from event planning, to balloon decor to hair styling. There's a workshop for everyone!

Event Workshops

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Questions & Answers

I have a question

What is the benefit of one on one coaching?

One on one coaching lets you cater a coaching plan that's specific to you and the issues that you might face. You will get 100% undivided attention and focus from Leora which will lead to the most success and improvement!

What does each session look like / include? 

During each session Leora will work closely with you to implement strategies to reach both your business and life goals. You will get full attention and coaching in a way that best suits you!

do you recommend this for new businesses?

YES! If you are a new business owner or someone looking to grow your business, you've come to the right place. Leora will give you the ins and outs of starting off and how to achieve the most success right off the bat.

Is coaching in person or virtual?

Leora offers both in person and virtual coaching depending on your preferences and comfort level. She can do in house visits as well as virtual calls.

What topics does leora speak about?

Leora speaks on a variety of topics from event planning and wedding specifics to general business advice. Head to the contact page to see if Leora covers your specific topic!

can coaching be for my entire team?

Of course. Leora is available to speak at events as well as for group coaching. She will assess each group's needs and form a coaching plan to perfectly suit you!